Dear colleagues and intellectual property friends,

On April 13, 1862, Alexandru Ioan Cuza adopted and passed the Press Law, regulating the literary property in the United Principalities, while in 1872, Andre Morillot, synthesized and summarized the legal practice of British and French courts, designated the non-patrimony rights of the creators of spiritual works, the name of “ moral rights”. Hence, we will are celebrating 160 years of regulated copyright in Romania and 150 years of moral rights in the doctrine.

ALAI Romania has recently become a member of the International Literary and Artistic Association (ALAI), a prestigious international association, established on 28 June 1879 upon the initiative of Victor Hugo and of other authors and editors supporting him. The main goal of ALAI was to promote, develop and protect copyright and related rights. The first major achievement of ALAI was the adoption of the Berne Convention of 1866 on intellectual and artistic property, which is not only the cornerstone of the international copyright law, but also the protection model for the countries that adopted laws protecting copyright.

Taking into account the purpose for which ALAI Romania was established, the evolution and the breadth and scope of the problems generated by the new technologies and types of intellectual creations falling under the scope of copyright protection, on 24 June 2022, our association, together with the Scientific Association of Intellectual Property Law.

We desire that this international event organized by ALAI Romania enjoys a numerous participation and high-quality materials that confer prestige to the manifestation and offer the well-deserved appreciation and professional acknowledgements to the participants.

Further details will be available soon.

Prof. Viorel Roș, PhD